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One of the newest countries in the world and the most recent country to join NATO, Montenegro is also an EU candidate country. With its magnificent natural beauty and distinct culture, Montenegro is a destination country for tourism. For these reasons, and more, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and multinational companies are locating in Podgorica, driving a need for high-quality international education. Although not a large school, with 90+ students, 25 nationalities are present in our student body. We fully recognize the important role a school plays in a family’s decision to relocate. We take this role seriously and will do all that we can to provide that quality school environment for each and every student, whether they be 3 years old or 18.

All students are cared for and motivated by a well qualified and diverse group of international teachers. Core classroom teachers are certified, English first-language professionals. They are in a QSI school because they have shown they are highly qualified and care deeply about the students in their care.

Built in 2014, our purpose-built school is big, bright, and well equipped. Classrooms are well stocked and exciting. QSI’s focus on mastery-based education can make the classroom look a bit chaotic at first glance. Then you notice that the teacher(s) are actually working individually or with small groups; all at the level necessary for their success.

Also in 2014, we received our accreditation with Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and we are now fully accredited in the United States. Also recognized by many countries, our MSA accreditation ensures that our diploma is recognized by all the best English-speaking universities in the world. We are recognized by the US State Department as a Supported School. Furthermore, we received licensing from the Ministry of Education in Montenegro. This ensures our Montenegrin students of the same high level of recognition as they seek to apply to Montenegrin universities.

Please send us an email at if you would like to learn more about our school.

Hope to see you soon!

Donn Maier—Director