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Why QSI Montenegro?

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QSIM has a unique learning model. Our motto of "Success For All", is one we live by every day. We recognize that all students are unique and that it is our role, as the school, to build the environment where all of our students succeed. Our internationally recruited teachers are well trained and equipped. They are adept at working with each student as an individual rather than seeing them as one person in a group. To get an idea of what this might look like, feel free to view our school video at

As the only registered and accredited elementary & secondary school in Podgorica, our students come from 23 different countries. English is the language of instruction. Many of our families are with diplomatic organizations (various embassies, UNICEF, EU). We also have families from multi-national companies. Finally, we also have local Montenegrin students. Our top four nationalities last year were; American, German, Montenegrin, and Hungarian. 

The curriculum we use is based on the American Common Core curriculum. It is geared toward the university-bound student in our secondary program, with a strong elementary program leading up to that. We focus on developing critical thinking skills in a well rounded program of study. 

Our classroom teachers are highly qualified professionals, recruited from around the world - currently America, Canada, South Africa, and the Netherlands. They all hold valid teaching licenses, over 50% hold master's degrees or higher, and they have completed thorough background checks. Most importantly, they all love to teach children. Specialist teachers and classroom assistants are regional (Turkey, French, Albania) or local Montenegrin teachers.

Welcome to QSI Montenegro!